BMW iV is a new app that provides the functionality to remotely control the charging session, within your home network, of your electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle using a BMW i Wallbox Plus, allowing you to charge your vehicle when most convenient and efficient.





  • • Remotely starting/stopping of a charging session
  • • Seeing current charging status and power use
  • • Setting the amperage for a charging session
  • • Setting a charge time completion reminder alert
  • • Seeing the BMW i Wallbox device information
  • • Supporting multiple BMW i Wallboxes
  • • Setting a picture for the main charge screen


Privacy Policy

There is no personally identifiable information stored, transmitted or used by the app, nor is any information, entered by the user or collected from the BMW Wallbox, transmitted to BMW AG. Furthermore, BMW AG, or any subsidiary of, does not have access to the end user’s network by use of this app. Information shown within the app is collected only from certified charging device(s) (BMW Wallbox) that have been established by the end user within the app and is used only for display within the app. Charging information is provided by the charging device and retained locally within the app. Only certified charging devices will work with this app.

If you have any questions, please contact: